Many companies in the rhythm of modern life are faced with the need to create their own website on the Internet. Along with many other site developers in Uzbekistan (Bukhara), we also offer our services for the creation and development of a site on the Internet, as well as maintenance and seo website promotion. But unlike other companies, we can offer you quality website development at affordable prices and in the shortest possible time. Based on the terms of reference, the cost and terms of creating the Internet site are calculated, which are then prescribed in the contract for the creation of the site. For customers who are faced with the development of their own website for a business or company for the first time, we provide a personal manager who will select the most optimal Internet solution for you, whether it’s a business card website, a corporate website or a modern landing page – a “one page”, or maybe even an online store or news portal. RuNi Company will help you succeed on the Internet!

We will help you create a unique project.

We will create an online project, develop a web-based solution for your business. Our mission is to provide a full range of services in the field of web development and automation of internal processes.

Business Card Site

1 500 000 uzs
  • Such a site is suitable if you need to declare your company, describe only one product or service and run contextual advertising.

Landing Page

2 500 000 uzs
  • This is the site of your company, and the official presentation on the Internet. Containing information about the company, its field of activity, products and services.

Corporate website

4 500 000 uzs
  • This is the site of your company, and the official presentation on the Internet. Containing information about the company, its field of activity, products and services.

Online store

8 000 000 uzs
  • This is an online store that generates an order to purchase your product, with a choice of payment method and delivery of the order. At the same time, you are selling goods remotely.

    1 year of technical support, hosting and domain name for the site and much more!


    Powerful LS CMS content management system


    In search engines Yandex, Google, Rambler, Mail.Ru


    Exclusive and modern design


    This means that your site will look perfect on any device.


    SEO site optimization for further promotion and promotion

SMM - social media marketing

  1. Let’s inform a wide audience about your brand;
  2. We provide feedback to social users. networks;
  3. Maintain Facebook, Instagram, Telegremm pages (in 2 languages);
  4. Content plan development;
  5. 9 publications per month;
  6. 1 photo session per month (3 hours);
  7. 3 stories on Instagram;
  8. We target targeted ads exclusively to your target audience;

2,500,000 uzs (per month)


The sites that we make are really high-quality - every little thing, every pixel of your site will be aligned and done right

We create convenient and understandable sites for both your visitor and the administrator of your site! Is caring for the visitor important?

Guaranteed individual approach to each client! Do you need a responsible manager who will answer all your questions?

Our projects work and open very quickly.

And most importantly, the sites that we do really solve the problem that you are facing at the moment, from the competent submission of information about your company on the Internet to the sale of your goods or services and attracting new customers.

And of course the most reasonable prices for creating sites in Tashkent! Look on the Internet, there they either make template sites that are not clear to anyone for 3 kopecks, or exclusive sites for the price of black caviar.

Unique design of the main pages of the site Layout of HTML pages according to approved design Creating the internal structure and logic of the site Software (CMS Integration) Filling the site with information Registration in the search engines,, Install and configure statistics counters (Google Analytics, Yandex – Metric) Learning how to use a content management system Site maintenance 1 year Instructions for using the site (in Word format) 1 year website hosting Content Management System (CMS) Technical Support Backing up your site Consultations – for the duration of the project’s existence Support telephone line (5 days a week) Website Promotion SEO for Website Promotion Manage contextual advertising


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